Friday, March 13, 2009

Some years ago I was working nights in a convenience store -- midnight to 8 AM. I always tuned in to the local radio station for the weather and the great contests they used to run.

So one morning I was working and it started snowing like crazy about 4 AM. Within minutes my parking lot was covered.

At about 4:25 the DJ comes on the air and says that we have a chance of flurries with absolutely no chance of accumulation. So I waited until he started the music back and called him. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Charles, this is Celia. (The station had radio contests all night long when most of the world was sleeping and I had called in and won so many contests that he recognized my voice almost immediately.)

CB: Celia! How ya' doin'!

Me: Fine. But I have a question.

CB: What's that, sweetie?

Me: Is there a window in the control booth?

CB: No. Why?

Me: "Cause you might want to go out in the hall and stick you head out the door.

CB: Why's that?

Me: "Cause there is about two inches of "snow flurry" on my parking lot right now.

CB: You're kidding me. (the sound of footsteps and doors opening) Wow! Thanks for calling; guess I need to change my weather forecast, huh?

Me: Probably so. And you're welcome.

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